day 16 Photo of your Star Wars related things (books, action figures, posters, shirts, etc.)

1. storm trooper jacket

2.  2 clone wars anakin figures, ep 3 anakin figure, bobble head boba fett, boba fett figure, phase 1+2 rex, custom painted figure of my clone comet, wolf pack clone figure, rex walmart helmet

3. darth vader figure, commander cody figure, return of the jedi lunch box, r2d2 figure

4. darth maul figure, darth vader cd player, boba fett bank

5. anakin side show, jango fett sideshow, anakin vader/darth vader statue, storm trooper cup

6. lots of books

7. star wars poster with all the characters, anakin poster, and star wars calander

8. my boba fett gear. jacket, plushie, and phone case

9. my costume with my saber

10. my blankets


not shown: a couple of shirts and all of my sabers

Star Wars Lightsaber